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IKEA Centres is IKEA Group’s new global shopping centre company. We develop and manage retail destinations for the many people, anchored by IKEA stores.

IKEA Centres offers great opportunities to develop meeting places of the future, strengthen relations with tenants and spread retail ideas across borders.
As a fully owned company of IKEA Group, IKEA Centres will merge the existing shopping centres in Russia, Europe and China into one company, which will comprise 46 shopping centres and four retail parks in 11 countries, totalling more than 3 million square metres of GLA and approximately 400 million visitors annually. Our shopping centres will continue to operate under the different brands, such as MEGA in Russia, LIVAT in China or the existing brands in Europe.
About the
Tenant's Portal

The Tenants’ portal is the main channel of communication between the shopping centre’s management and all of its tenants. Its main objective is to serve as an instrument facilitating communication between tenants and the shopping centre management, eliminating the use of paper.

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